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Homebuyers Survey of 1900 terrace house Leciestershire by local RICS Chartered Surveyors

Our Leicestershire RICS surveyors found problems with escape from this property, insecure roof felt, an unstable wall and problems with rights of way and an unusual easement.

Typical Peak District 450mm thick stones walls with replacement slate roof.

Note the thin sides of the dormer window. Our surveyors thought them unlikely to be insualted and thus cold. Our surveyors were concerned that the unsecured windows are only 50cm above the floor level and the roof edge gutter may be tempting to a toddler.


 The earthing sleeve suggests to our surveyors that the wiring is relatively modern but the black and red neutral and live suggest that it dates from before 2006

Textured ceilings can contain asbestos but there is a low risk of fibres escaping and it can be worked on with a mask.


               Our surveyors advised that the doors and frames to the attic room stairs and landings need to be upgraded to half an hours fire resistance to provide protection from fire and a means of escape.


This narrow private drive is badly maintained and muddy. Our surveyors advised that it offered plenty of scope for parking and obstruction disputes.


                             Our surveyors noted next door's overflow draining on to the bathroom roof.  Our surveyors advised that they are gradually acquiring an easement over thie property if they have not managed it already.

A rotten roof edge and felt that is poorly secured. Our surveyors warned that if not improved  it is likely to be  torn by the wind.


 Stone wall that is in poor condition and at risk of collapse. The path is a right of way across the property to others.



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