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Photographs of a property inspected by our RICS surveyors undertaking a Building Survey and Report of a 1930's terrace near Birmingham.

 Our surveyors found missing window lintels, incorrectly aligned gutters, chimney salts and exposed metal on electrical fittings


 Front view. Note the shallow depth of the bay window and dormer window roofs. These roofs are unlikely to be insulated. Retrospecitve insualtion will be difficult.

The top of the dormer window is above gutter level suggesting that parts of the first floor are constructed within the roof to save money. The first floor ceilings of the property are likely to be angled and are unlikely to be insulated. Retrospecitve insualtion can be difficult. It may be possible to push rigid sheets of insualtion down th angles from the main roof void.

Note the air brick at the centre of the bay. There should ideally be additional ones either side of the bay to ensure a good flow of air under the property helping pervent damp and decay. 


On top of the bay window. The felt is old and likely to be life expired. The metal wetherproofing has come away from the juncture with the wall  exposing the timber that supports the brickwork above the bay. The potential purchaser should check that the sagging brickwork was due to the lintel being slightly undersized or having shrunk and not due to active decay


Rear window. Classic fractuing due to the ommission of a lintel above the replacement frame. The original timber window frames would have been stronger and not have needed lintels to be able to properly support the brickwork above. Weestimated that remedial works would cost about £500.00

 A gutter that falls the wrong way and is likely to hold water or even spill. Gutters that hold water also collect silt and block up.


The casing of this switch should be repalced with one that is made of plastic. Plastic has excellent electrical insualtion properties. Metal is an excellent conductor. If there is a fault on the system and some body touches the casing that are likely to get electrocuted.



The white on the face of the bricks is salts left behind as moisture has evaporated.  The moisture is likely to have soaked into the bricks due to a poor damp proof course at the top of the chimney or from condensates from flue gasses. The mortar patch suggest that the bricks may be erroding and the internal faces of the flue may be in very poor condition. We advised against using the flue unless it had a metal liner installed.




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