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 Derby Surveyors Report on party wall and boundary mattters raised by a neighbours extension


A general view. The property in the background has constructed a new extension adjacent to the porch and boiler room of the property in the foreground. Note that the house in the foreground appears to lean on the flank wall of the adjacent property.


Each property was constructed with a cut out that can be seen where the store/ boiler house projects out compared to the rear entrance lobby probably to acomodate the downpipe that can be seen.  The projection rasies the issue of where the boundary between the two properties is. Does it step in at the cut out or is it the face of the projecting boiler house wall which woud make the cut out belong the property with the outhouses.

The render is on the wall that divides the two houses which again raisses the question of there the boundary is. It is is the centre of the house dividing wall that the projection wall of the boiler room might belong to the adjacent property.A close up of the extension and porch and boiler house roofs. The former cut out is now a well with no where to drain collected water as any gully for the downpipe has been covered with debris and concrete. The roof edge also projects over the boiler house roof by about 150mm but only over the boundary by about 50mm as the boiler house wall is infact describd as a party wall in the original conveyance.

The depth of the hole making breaking up of the concrete and recovery from above difficult if not impossible.

Damage to the felt that was apparently caused during construction of the extension by using the roof as a store for bricks and blocks

Damp penetrating the boiler house wall


The badly positioned downpipe that allows water to splash over the edge of the roof and into the well.  Note that the roof edge of the extension has not been enclosed which wil enocuage birds and insects.

The actualy report that was written for the Derby County Court 


Derby surveyors RICS expert witness report for county court 


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