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Why have a Homebuyers Survey in Derby?

The Home Buyers Survey Report is suitable for most types of houses, bungalows and flats, which are conventional and traditional, in type, and construction, and which are apparently in reasonable condition.

Even the most modest houses are very expensive and will stretch most people’s budgets. Some defects can reduce the value of a property by many thousands of pounds or make a property virtually unsellable. Some common repairs such as replacing roof coverings or re-wiring properties can be expensive. A Homebuyers Survey will help identify problems which are likely to be expensive to remedy before exchange of contracts.

Purchasing a house or flat without a survey can result in £5000.00 or more of unexpected expenditure. A Homebuyers survey can find such problems and will help you to re-negotiate the purchase price of your property. It is very unusual for our surveyors not be able to identify defects in all but the most modern properties that will not cost more to remedy than the cost of the Homebuyers Survey.


RICS Homebuyers Report on a 1960s detached house near to DERBY

Derby RICS Homebuyers Surveyors RICS Home Buyers Survey Report 1960 detached house. Problems included damaged and hard to obtain roof tiles, a flat roof holding water, collapsing retaining walls, poor channel arrangements in a drain chamber leading to blockages, a warm air system with potential maintenance and asbestos issues, and leaking balcony surfaces decaying the supporting decks


The Homebuyers Survey Condition Ratings

Our surveyors use the standard RICS report layout. It is designed to outline any serious defects or urgent repairs and consider if they affect the value of the property. The survey report will clearly spell out whether any actions need to be taken before you exchange contracts.

The RICS Homebuyers Survey Report is an easy to read report that will identify defects and advise you on their severity by using an easy to understand, traffic light coding system.

Elements, both inside and out, are given condition ratings based on the traffic light system which is set out below:


 Red  rating

Defects which are serious and/or need to be repaired, replaced or investigated urgently.


 Amber rating

Defects that need repairing or replacing but are not considered to be either serious or urgent. The property must be maintained in the normal way.


Green rating

No repair is currently needed. The property must be maintained in the normal way.

Not inspected rating

Not inspected.


Other matters considered in a Homebuyers Survey

The surveyor also advises about risks to the property or people and matters that you should investigate further before exchange of contracts.

Steve Butler Chartered Surveyors reports include an insurance rebuilding cost to help you sufficiently insure your property and a Market valuation as standard.

The surveyor also advises and matters that your legal advisers should investigate and risks to the property or people.     


Derby homebuyers report on a 1935 semi detached house

Our Derby surveyors found frost damaged bricks blocked vents and poor insulation that was likely encourage condensation, substandard electrics, a dangerous glass door, potenially dmp quarry tile floors, old ceilings that were at risk of collapse, missing firebreak walls and missing roof linings.


How is a Homebuyers Survey different to a mortgage valuation?         

Most people rely on only their mortgage valuation, which is not a survey, but is a property risk assessment aimed for lender use only. Some mortgage valuations are undertaken from the roadside, desk top appraisals or automated computer valuations. These methods can miss numerous or even all defects.

The RICS Homebuyers Survey Report is independent of any survey undertaken by your lender. Our Chartered Surveyors inspect your property to help you identify any significant problems, such as subsidence, damp, lintel failures, movement cracks as well as many other unwelcome hidden issues both internally and externally. We try and look in the roof void and to lift up any drain covers.

The results of relying on a mortgage valuation can be seen in the following notes and photographs.


Derby RICS Chartered Surveyors Homebuyers survey on a 1950 bungalow

The roof of the property was covered with moss which had blocked the gutters causing water damage. The roof conversion had limited insulation and ground floor skirting boards were rotten.


Independent Homebuyers Report survey of a 1930's Derby semi detached house

This property suffered from damp floors, an uninvited guest, fractured concrete flat roof and potentially hazardous stair rails


 Homebuyers Survey of a 1910 Semi detached house in Derby our independent property surveyors

We found structural movement, a long standing leak, frost eroded bricks and an insecure ceiling


Homebuyers Survey of a 1980 Derby Terrace by our Chartered Surveyors

Chartered Surveyors Report 1980 Terrace

 Our Derby RICS Surveyors found a collapsed wall roof void wet rot, single glazed cold  windows and a substandard roof structure


Homebuyers Survey of a 1901 Terrace by our Derby Surveyors

Chartered Surveyors Homebuyers Report 1901 Terrace

Our Derbyshire RICS surveyors found problems with escape from this property, insecure roof felt, an unstable wall and problems with rights of way and an unusual easement.



The RICS Homebuyers Survey includes:

 An extensive inspection of the property by a RICS Surveyor

Comments on general condition of the property

Comments on location and significant environmental issues

Identifies significant defects and recommends further investigations

Advice on repairs and ongoing maintenance

Information on location, local environment and the recorded energy efficiency

Highlights health and safety issues

Comments for legal advisors

Helps you to renegotiate purchase price based on defects identified

Provides advice which helps you in your decision-making process

Provides advice which allows you to budget for current and future expenditure

RICS compliant and colour coded system to easily identify the severity of defects

A market valuation so that you know whether or not you are paying the market value for the subject property. This valuation will reflect all the defects found (a mortgage valuation will not).

This Homebuyers survey also includes an insurance rebuild cost of the subject property to help you sufficiently insure your property.


Understanding my Homebuyers Survey

We are always here to offer post-survey customer support by email or by phone. However clients are welcome to meet the surveyor at the property so that issues can be seen and discussed at first hand.


How long does a Homebuyers Survey take to complete.

We can usaully arrange to access the property within two or three days unless the vendor is unavailable. Once at the property the inspection takes as long as needed. Unlikely the corporate surveyors we don't have to rush of to the next inspection to meet profitability targets. We always write the report on the same day as the inspection to ensure that the property is still clear in the surveyors mind. Surveys can usaully be arranged and delivered within a week and often much more quickly.


At what stage should I have Homebuyers Survey

The most appropriate time to commission any property survey is as soon after having your offer accepted or if borrowing money as soon as you receive the formal mortgage offer. There is no point surveying a property that you are not going to be able to get a mortgage on. Once you have your offer accepted and a mortgage offer if needed then an early survey can prevent un-necessary legal costs or an enable an early reduction in the purchase price if required. 


Home Buyers Surveys by Steve Butler Chartered Surveyors

We employ a quick turnaround on the report (within 5 working days of the Inspection).

We only employ RICS qualified chartered surveyors.

We are a RICS regulated firm, which ensures that we meet the most rigorous of standards set for the Surveying industry.

Our prices are very competitive.

We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality customer service.

We offer straightforward easy to understand advice based on many thirty years of experience.


A summary of the advantages of a Homebuyers Survey Report

Prepared in an easy to read jargon free standard format designed by the RICS the Homebuyer report aims to help you:

make a reasoned and informed decision on whether to go ahead with buying the property;

make an informed decision on what is a reasonable price to pay for the property;

take account of any repairs or replacements the property needs 

consider what further advice you should take before exchanging contracts; and

determine how much to insure the property for.     

Homebuyers Report Photographs from a 1900 terrace property survey by our RICS Chartered Surveyors in Derby

Independent Surveyors Report 1900 Terrace

The house had woodworm, a corroding water tank, frost damaged chimney and ancient electrics


Photographs from a surveyors homebuyers report on a 1960's Derby Dormer Bungalow

RICS Building Surveyors Report 1960 Dormer Bungalow

Survey of a 1960's dormer bungalow near to Derby. Defects found included frost damaged bricks, ponding on a garage roof, uninsulated roof voids and a dangerous loft hatch.


Photographs from a Homebuyers Survey of a 1930's Derby Terrace House

Independent Surveyors Report 1930 Terrace

Homebuyers Survey of a 1930's terrace near Derby. Our surveyors found missing window lintels, incorrectly aligned gutters, chimney salts and exposed metal on electrical fittings


Independent property Homebuyers Survey Report of a 1978 detached bungalow

Property Surveyors Report 1978 Bungalow


Residential property survey near Derby. Our surveyors found roots in a drain, a distorted garage, leaning retaining wall and missing electrical earthing.

Homebuyers Survey of 1965 Bungalow

RICS Homebuyers Survey Report 1965 Bungalow

We found an old and inefficient boiler, unsupported chimney breast, missing lintels, old electrical fittings and an invasion of ants.


Homebuyers Survey of a 1950's semi detached house near Derby.

Surveyors Report 1950 Semi

Our building surveyors found severe damp problems, rotten decking, and strange objects in the garden. 

Homebuyers Survey of a Derby 1932 Terrace House by or Independent Chartered Surveyors

Homebuyers Report 1932 Terrace

Our Surveyors found leaking rainwater goods, damp walls, solid walls and a bowed roof during the Homebuyers Survey of this 1930's  terrace.

 Defects and other interesting things seen by our surveyors whilst undertaking Homebuyers Survey Reports in Derby

Chicken tiles

Can you see the chicken image on these tiles? These tiles are a sure sign that the room they are dates from the 1970's. The tiles were extrmely common but our surveyors have only once seen a set where the chicken is consistently the right way up, upside down or sideways for the whole of the room.








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